Press Release – New ACN Website

MCL National Director

Praying, Informing and Giving

By Robert Lalonde, ACN Canada

Montreal, Friday February 2015 – “ Concerned with better serving our generous benefactors, of providing better communications tools to the public and engaged with encouraging people to PRAY, INFORM and GIVE to help poor and persecuted Christians in the world, Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) Canada is proud to present its new website which will be operational as of this coming Monday, March 2nd,” declared with enthusiasm Marie-Claude Lalonde, the National Director of ACN Canada.

“More than ever before,” continued the director,” the situation of Christians in too many countries merits recognition on a large scale.  We hope that the news stories we disseminate through our website will touch our visitors’ hearts, and persuade them to help their so often forgotten brothers and sisters.”

The site which can be visited at is abundantly illustrated with striking pictures, poignant firsthand accounts and content also often exclusive to Aid to the Church in Need.

ACN which is today an international organization numbering over 600,000 friends and benefactors who support each and every year close to 5,000 projects in over 150 countries.  Now operating as a foundation of pontifical right, ACN and its benefactors offer concrete help, through a spirit of love, everywhere where the Church needs them.



Press Release – Conference on ‘The tragic fate of Christians in the Middle East’

MARIE-CLAUDE COMMUNIQUÉConference with Marie-Claude Lalonde in Montreal

The tragic fate of Christians in the Middle East

By Robert Lalonde, ACN Canada

Translation by Amanda Bridget Griffin

Montreal, Wednesday January 21, 2015 – Marie-Claude Lalonde, National Director of Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) Canada, will be giving a conference on the theme of The tragic fate of Christians in the Middle East. This presentation will take place (in French) on Thursday, January 22, at 7:30pm at 2715 Côte Sainte-Catherine road, in Montreal.

This follows a report entitled Religious Freedom Report in the World 2014 which was published by the International Catholic Charity ACN this past November, 2014.  This report, which is published every 2 years, was compiled by journalists, academics and commentators, reveals the disquieting problems facing the faithful living in 116 countries of 196 around the world.

“This work shows that religious liberty is compromised in close to 60% of countries around the world,” explains Marie-Claude Lalonde, “which should send a clear message to governments and religious leaders that this question can no longer be ignored.”

Along with the portrait the national director will trace with regard to persecution lived by Christians during the tragic events in Iraq last summer, the participants will have the opportunity to hear the testimony of Dr. Catherine Elian, a Syrian doctor who has been established in Montreal for two years.  She was born and trained in Aleppo, in Syria and in Paris, and was very active in helping youth in her country and knows well the situation lived by Christians as many of her family members still reside in the country.

And Marie-Claude Lalonde concluded in saying “The emergency relief package of 5.77 million dollars – one of the most considerable in ACN history – which is currently in use to fund projects in Iraq, demonstrates the scope of the tragedy lived by our Iraqi brothers and sisters.  We still have so much work ahead of us,” she says, “for we know these projects are far from able to put to an end this unspeakable catastrophe.  The threat remains constant at the fragility of their hearts no less persistent.”

About ACN

Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) is an international Catholic organization which has as mandate “fraternal charity towards local suffering and poor Churches.”  Founded in 1947 by Father Werenfried, it helps the Church in need in both spiritual and material ways in over 145 countries.


A tribute to Nelson Mandela from the Director of Aid to the Church in Need Canada

Thank you Madiba – Nelson Mandela

Source - Wikipedia

Source – Wikipedia

I will allow myself to be on a first name basis with you, you, Madiba (Daddy).  We have never spoken to one another, nor have we ever met, but without even knowing, you, cradled my adolescence.  It was at that time that I got to know you. Yes, at that age when we believe we can change the world.  I was already revolting against all forms of injustice done to women, to blacks, to the poor, and all who were against the fundamental liberties of the human person.  I could not bear anything that infringed upon the dignity of Man.

Like thousands of others, I wrote the South African government (saving every penny for stamps) to ask for your freedom.

When you were finally liberated, I believed, with all the impetus of my age that we would change the world together:  you, me, and all the others with such thirst for justice in our world.  You incarnated a change in the face of racism, you Nelson Mandela, the quiet force – the ambassador of Peace.  Without knowing it – for at that time, I also was blind to it – you made of me the person I am today.

Since my adolescence, in many different ways, I have fought for a greater social justice.  And still to this day, I cannot resign myself to doing nothing with regard to hunger in the world, or racial discrimination, the restriction of the freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

Thank you for moulding me.  Thank you for having inspired entire generations to continue the fight, thank you for defending my brothers and my sisters with dark skin.

Thank you, Madiba (Daddy), rest in the peace which you arduously defended.

Marie-Claude Lalonde

National Director of Aid to the Church in Need, helping the poor and the persecuted