Sri Lanka 10 years after the Tsunami – ACN helps to rebuild the Church in the country

On December 26th, 2004, a powerful tsunami, caused by an earthquake off the north coast of Indonesia devastated Sri Lanka killing over 30 thousand people and displacing close to 1.5 million inhabitants of this island nation. This year, will mark the 10th anniversary of the disaster.

This short film we are inviting you to watch, produced by CRTN (Catholic Radio and Television Network) was made to share with you impressions still alive in the minds of those who lived the event  10 years ago, and the great progress made in rebuilding with your help, since the catastrophe.  

Thanks to you, our benefactors, and thanks to your tremendous generosity, Aid to the Church in Need has been able to help  in the recovery effort to raise the Church in Sri Lanka out of the devastation brought on by the tsunami. In this film – Bishop Raymond Kinglsley Wickramasingher, Bishop or Galle, says to you :I want to extend a special thank you to Aid to the Church in Need, to all its collaborators and benefactors in different parts of the world who help you. Please thank them. We love them very much we will certainly uphold all of you in our prayers.”


About amandacomacn

Communications Assistant and Community Manager - Aid to the Church in Need (Canada)

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