RECALL: MASS FOR PERSECUTED CHRISTIANS – TOMORROW at 7:30pm, at Mary Queen of the World Cathedral


Campaign for persecuted Christians in the Middle-East


Irak-4Starting next Friday November 7  and through to Sunday November 9, in collaboration with the Archdioceses of Montreal and Vancouver, Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) will launch a campaign in support of Christians in the Middle-East. This campaign will begin Friday, with a Mass celebrated by Msgr Christian Lépine, the Archbishop of Montreal at the Mary Queen of the World Cathedral in Montreal, beginning at 7:30pm.

This campaign aims at sensitizing the population to the persecution these Christians are victims to.  This persecution reached a culminating point this summer when the Islamic State (IS) drove 120,000 Christians from their homes.  ‘The emergency aid program of 5.77 million dollars – the most significant in ACN’s history – which is already on its way to being used, demonstrates the sheer scope of the drama lived by our Iraqi brothers and sisters,’ says Marie-Claude Lalonde, National Director of ACN. ‘However,’ she goes on to clarify, ‘we know that supporting these are projects is far from putting an end to this unspeakable catastrophe.  The threat remains a constant one, and the fragility of their hearts, no less persistent.’

In a letter addressed to all priests, deacons, consecrated persons and faithful laypersons within the Archdiocese of Montreal, Msgr. Lépine recalls, while speaking of the 200 million persecuted Christians in the world, ‘there is a responsibility to inform and to find routes for support.’ And, he adds that ACN, who exercises the triple task of Praying, Informing and Giving is an organization for which the route of support for ‘helping the local churches where Christians are persecuted’ has existed since 1947.

Finally, to conclude, Msgr. Lépine said  the Archdiocese of Montreal, invites all people who are available to a MASS FOR PERSECUTED CHRISTIANS which will be taking place Friday, November 7 at 7:30pm, at Mary Queen of the World Cathedral, situated at 1085, Rue de la Cathédrale, in Montreal. 

Meanwhile, throughout Vancouver, the campaign will take the shape of wide distribution of flyers to all parishes across the Archdiocese of Vancouver to make more widely known the situation of Christians in the Middle East and the role ACN and its benefactors are able to play to assuage the needs of the suffering.


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