Disastrous situation for Christians in Egypt

St. Teresa Church in Assiut was burned

St. Teresa Church in Assiut was burned

Marie-Claude Lalonde – ACN Canada

Amidst the violence we see on television, much of it is against Christians. They are particularly targeted by extremist Muslims. No Church is spared, all are attacked: Catholics, Orthodox, Evangelicals, Baptists, etc. Extremists have looted and burned churches, convents, priests’ residences, businesses operated by Christians, schools and some of the faithful’s homes.

Tourist boats have apparently been burned, trapping people who were on board.

Information is difficult to verify due to the chaotic situation but the number of churches set on fires ranges between 52 and 64. It is useless to say that all churches are presently closed. In any case, many Egyptians are afraid to go out, be they Christians or moderate Muslims.

The number of victims among Christians is not yet confirmed, but at least one child was killed.

Slogans against Christians in Cairo, Egypt.

Slogans against Christians in Cairo, Egypt.

All this, while the media are reporting the possible liberation of fallen president Hosni Moubarak because the law states that someone cannot be imprisoned for more than 2 years awaiting a verdict.

Here are two links where the violence against Christians is described:

Audio interview with Sr. Angela:

Blog describing the situation:

Forward information about Christians in Egypt to your friends and contacts. The West needs to know and to take action.


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